7 Inch 6 Holes Automatic Wire Stripper With Stripping Range 0.5-2.2mm²

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7 Inch 6 Holes Automatic Wire Stripper Wire Stripping Pliers With Range 0.5-2.2mm²

Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Plastic
Stripping Range: 0.5-2.2mm²
Type: Flat Nose
Color: Red
Length: 7 Inch
Weight: 250G
Stripping Range: 0.5-2.2mm
Scope: used for tighting, stripping, crimping, rolling cable, wire, tubes,ect.

Precise blade design without damaging the conductor cores.
During stripping, the wire is held firm by clamping jaws.
With adjustable length stop
With a spring returns the stripper to the starting position.
Metal clamp of light and durable, Long lifetime.

Package included:
1x Automatic Wire Stripper

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