BGA IC Adhesive Removing Liquid Glue Epoxy Remover Cell Phone CPU Chip Cleaner

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BGA IC Adhesive Removing Liquid Glue Epoxy Remover Cell Phone CPU Chip Cleaner

- It can help you soften & remove resinating / sealing glue of chip BGA IC of mobile phones easily.
- It can quickly soften and loosen solidified resin adhesive such as epoxy, phenolics, acrylate, polyurethane, organosilicon etc.And it won't do harm to your circuit board and components.
- This is a environment friendly item and it's very safe. Doesn't contain any Benzene Coderivative substances with cause leukaemia.
How to use:
1. Pick an bigger size absorbent cotton than BGA IC with a tweezers and dip into the removing liquid. Then cover it evenly on BGA IC chip which in need of glue removing.
2. Place a plastic bag or film on the top and cover the PCB board.
3. Wait approx. 20 minutes
4. Redo step 1 to step 3.
5. To remove the softened sealing glue in the outside of BGA IC chip with a tweezers. Please pay attention to avoid damaging routes surrounding BGA and copper foil circuit around main board when removing the glue.
6. Heat up the chip with a air gun (300 deg.C). The glue in the bottom will get melt and soften by heat;
7. To remove the chip with a tweezers or cutter.
Caution: This glue removing liquid shall not touch skin, eyes. Please close it after using. If touched by accident, Please wash with water immediately.
Usage: Electronic Components
Quantity: 30ml
Size Of Box: 3.8cm x 3.7cm x 8.8cm
Package includes: 
1 x Adhesive Removing Liquid
1 x User Manual
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