80 Watt Pencil Tip Soldering Iron with Wood Handle 110V 80W

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Description :

110V 80W Watt Pencil Tip Soldering Iron with Wood Handle

Brand new and high quality.
ESD protect sensitive components.
Ceramic heating core,can use for a long time.
With wooden handle, don’t need to worry about hands scalded.
Plating alloy welding head, have longer life than ordinary welding head.

Feature :

Power Voltage:110V
Insulation resistance:100M
Electric strength: 3000V
Leakage current:1mA
Power: 80W
Long cable ! Reach 130cm+ !

Usage :

1.Welding can be carried out 2 minutes after the electricity
2.Safe and reliable grounding device is needed for over 80W power soldering iron in work
3.Useable at welding temperature;unplug the power if not used for long time to extend life of the heater and iron head
4.Tin should be kept on iron head in use and after use

Attentions :

1.Strong acidic flux is avoided for welding
2.In use, iron can not be knocked and black oxide in the head can not be cleared bu file
3.Thermo elements andiron head are strictly prohibited to be demolished or replaced when iron is in electricity
4.It’s normal for heating elements to have a slight fever with smoke after the first electricity, they’ll disappear after 10 minutes
5.The configured iron base and welding materials should be grounded reliably to avoid sanger
6.Power wires and heating core should be replaced by full-time staff when they don’t work well

Package included :

1 x 110V 80W Soldering Hot Iron with Wood Handle

Details pictures :

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