SY365-8 Soldering And Desoldering Tool Electronic Welding Iron Tools

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SY365-8 Soldering And Desoldering Tool Electronic Welding Iron Tools

Description :  
220V 36W SY365-8 Electronic Soldering And Desoldering Tool Vacuum Iron Solder Desoldering Sucker
Specification :

This is a professional tool that has 2 function about the tool, which could be not only soldering but also desoldering.
In addition, it also has a heat resistant plastic handle that is light weight, and is quite super convinient.

Possessing fast and heat dissipation, withstanding high voltage and temperatures so that  the heater is hard to be burned out. 
Iron plated tip and stainless steel construction for long service life. 
Usually used for hobbies, kits, radios, and electronics work.

Characteristic : Lead free
Output Power : 36w
Input Voltagle : 220-240V    
Type : Soldering&Desoldering iron
Package includes :  

1 x 220V 36W SY365-8 Electronic Soldering And Desoldering Tool
( It will aslo come with a suitable adapter according to your country :)
1 x Fine iron wire (Used to clean welding stain easily)
1 x Welding iron sharp head
Details pictures :  

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