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The Minihawk has reached its third generation!
We have made what was good even better.

With its 132cm wingspan the new Minihawk III may be considerably smaller than the Hawk III but in terms of flight performance it is absolutely equal. Our full composite hotliner can reach speeds of up to 250 kmh and its DYMOND DS 1660 MG digital servos make it track extremely precise. The optimized angle of attack gives the MiniHawk III very neutral flight characteristics and the full composite structure makes it tough and rugged, ready to withstand high forces.
Just like its predecessor it is built completely out of high quality composite materials and is painted in neon colors in the mold.
Optimized angle of attack

Our test pilots have put extra effort into finding the perfect angle of attack so it is perfect out of the box. No trimming is needed and the little pocket rocket is neutral on the elevator in the entire speed spectrum.  

Carbon fiber reinforcement

Just like its big brother, the Hawk III, we have reinforced the Minihawk III through and through with carbon fiber. These numerous reinforcements ensure that the robust airframe can take even the most stressful flight maneuvers.
Molded landing skid
The molded landing skid protects the fuselage when landing in rough terrain. Like its predecessor, the latest version also has this practical feature, which additionally stiffens the fuselage on the bottom.

Wide speed range

Whether you want to go fast or slow, the MiniHawk III is always easy to control. Using the stock setup you can reach a top speed of more than 200kmh in horizontal flight so it is guaranteed to be huge fun for everyone who is looking for a pocket sized hotliner that not only boasts a high-quality design but is also easy to fly without making compromises concerning speed.

Gap-free control surfaces

All control surfaces already been provided with fillets during the molding process. These fillets close the gap of the elastoflap control surfaces on deflection optimizing aerodynamics.

Easy battery access

Unlike many other hotliners, you do not have to disassemble the MiniHawk III’s wing to change the battery pack. The LiPo pack can easily be changed through the small cockpit canopy. This makes changing the pack quick and easy and you are ready to take off again in seconds.

Pre molded grip and center of gravity (CoG) marking

Our developers went one step further to make the MiniHawk III an elaborate model. The fuselage has a pre formed grip making the model easy to hold and preventing it from slipping during hand launching. We have also marked the correct CoG on the fuselage so there is no need to take the manual to the field anymore.  Balancing the model on our CoG marking will immediately show you if the model is nose or tail heavy.

Pre-milled air inlets

All air inlets have been pre milled at the factory saving you time, work and that pesky fiberglass dust.


    Full composite design with high gloss surface
    Carbon fiber reinforcements in all vital parts
    Compact one piece wing
    Controlled with elevator and ailerons
    Very agile flight characteristics
    Wide speed range
    Optimized angle of attack
    Molded landing skid
    Easy battery access through the cockpit hatch
    Pre-molded grip and CoG marking
    Pre-milled air inlets
Specifications: Wingspan approx.: 132 cm Fuselage length approx.: 75,5 cm Weight (ready to fly): ca. 829g Type of construction/material wing: composite Type of construction/material fuselage: composite Box contents: Motor: DYMOND GTX-3534 ESC: not included Servos: 3 x DYMOND DS 1660 MG digital Servo Propeller: Cam Carbon 10 x 7 RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Elevator: 1 x DYMOND DS 1660 MG digital Servo Aileron: 2 x DYMOND DS 1660 MG digital Servo Motor: DYMOND Smart 60 Needed to complete: Radio: min. 4 Channel Receiver: min. 4 Channel fullrange ESC: DYMOND Smart 60 Batteries: Lipo 3S 2200 Charger: DYMOND Duo Touch

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