DYNAMITE Passport Duo 400W Dual AC/DC Touch Charger (EU)

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DYNAMITE Passport  Duo 400W  Dual AC/DC Touch Charger (EU)

The Dynamite® Passport™ Duo 400W Dual AC/DC Touch Charger builds on the success of the the previous non-touch version and adds an intuitive easy to use touch screen interface and HV charging capabilities.


    Intuitive Touch Screen Display
    HV (High Voltage) charging / discharging / balancing
    Charges Li-Po/Li-Fe/ (1-6 cell), Ni-MH (1-15 cell) and Pb battery types
    500W internal power supply
    0.1-10.0A Adjustable charge current per output
    Space saving dual output design
    200W charge power per output
    100-240 VAC (50/60Hz) or 11-18V DC input voltage
    25W discharge power per output
    Detachable AC power cord / Optional DC power cord
    Includes 2 EC3 charge connector and a variety of other connectors included
    Short circuit protection
    Over temperature protection / Over current protection
    Low input voltage protection

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