Racerstar 1103 BR1103B 8000KV Motor Red w/ 1535 Prop Eachine Minicube Compatible Frsky RX F3 ESC

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Racerstar 1103 BR1103B 8000KV Motor Red w/ 1535 Prop Eachine Minicube Compatible Frsky RX F3 ESC

4X Racerstar 1103 BR1103B 8000KV 1-3S Brushless Motor Red w/ 1535 4 Blade Prop Eachine Minicube Compatible Frsky Receiver F3 V1.1 Blheli_S 10A ESC


Items Specification
Racerstar BR1103B 8000KV Motor

Brand: Racerstar 
Item No: BR1103B 8000KV Brushless Motor
Height: 15mm
Width: 13.6mm
Weight: about 3.7g
Shaft: φ1.5mm
KV (rpm/V): 8000KV 
Voltage: 3.7-11.1V
Battery: 1-3S lipo battery
Color: red
Racerstar 1535 4 Blade ABS Propeller

Brand: Racerstar 
Item name: 1535 4 Blade ABS Propeller
Length: 1.5 inch, about 38mm
Color: light blue
Quantity: 10 pairs (the same color)
Mounting hole: 1.5mm
Weight: 0.6g
Light, strong and well balanced for micro brushless FPV drones
Applicable for 1102, 1103 motors 
Eachine Minicube 20x20mm Flytower Frsky Compatible Receiver

Frequency range: 2.403-2.479Ghz
Channels: 8CH 
Work mode :D8 Mode
Output: SBUS
Antenna length: 100mm
No ground interference ( Transmitting and receiving 1 m from the ground): >500m
Built-in Buzzer (Low voltage alarm) Configure by Betaflight configurator
Working current: 80mA
Dimensions: 27*27*7mm
Weight: 3.5g
Compatible with FRSKY ACCST 
Compatible with X9D(Plus)DJT/DFT/DHT
Telemetry: RSSI, 1S-3S voltage (A1), 1S-3S voltage (A2)
Minicube Frsky D8 mode Sbus 2.4G receiver manual
F3 V1.1 6DOF Flight Controller

Size: 27mm*27mm*5mm
Mount hole: 20mm*20mm
Working voltage: 2-3S Lipo
Processor: STM32 F303 MCU
Sensor: SPI Sensor MPU6000
Built-in Betaflight OSD (Batt voltage, RSSI, Fly mode, Flytime, Craft name etz.)
Firmware version: Betaflight 3.1 Dshot ready
Target: OmnibusF3

This V1.1 version comes with SH1.0 plug instead of USB interface, intergrated filtration module.
10A BLHeli_S 4 In 1 ESC

Size: 27mm*27mm*5mm
Mount hole: 20mm*20mm
Firmware version: BLHELI_S 16.5
BB2, 48MHZ Chip
Lipo Battery: 2-3S
Con. Current: 10A
Peak Current: 15A (10S)
BEC: 5V @0.1A
Programming: YES
Betaflight passtrough ready
Dshot600 ready(Default)
Support oneshot42 oneshot125 Multishot Dshot
Package included: 
4 x Racerstar BR1103B 8000KV Motor red
10 x Racerstar 1535 4 Blade propeller CW
10 x Racerstar 1535 4 Blade propeller CCW
1 x Eachine Minicube Frsky Compatible Receiver
1 x Eachine Minicube F3 V1.1 6DOF Flight Controller
1 x Eachine Minicube 10A BLHeli_S 4 In 1 ESC

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