ELE YA-30WS-5AE4U 5 Outlet EU Socket Power Strip Adaptor with 4 USB Charging Ports

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ELE YA-30WS-5AE4U 5 Outlet EU Socket Power Strip Adaptor with 4 USB Charging Ports

Brand: ELE
Model: YA-30WS-5AE4U
A: 5 Ground EU Plug outlets
B: USB total power: 5V/8A/40W(Max)
C.USB Outputs: 5V/2.4A*4
D.USB output(QC3.0): 5V-12V/18W(Max)
E: Rated: 16A, 250V, 4000W
F: Black colors available
G. Wire. length: 1.8 m , diameter : 3*1.5mm ²
H. Fast USB charging ports
I. Passed CE,and Rosh test
J. Weight: 535g
K. Size: 235*85*41mm

1. 4x USB charging ports (4x 2.4A, 4x1A , total 9.6A) for faster load time
2. 5x sockets for electrical appliances, computers, televisions, stereos and other electrical appliances in the office, retail or household
3. through the on / reset button, you can control the power supply by clicking
4. Material: fireproof PC Case, 100% copper cable with antioxidants and surge protection fireproof special plastic, 100% copper cables with a better insulation integrated child safety
5. Constant improvements, updated firmwares and rigorous testing ensure always very high quality.
6. This charge strip has 4 USB ports and 5 slots for maximum use in just one place. The major product is an ideal way to safely charge all your devices at work.

- Use the original cable to protect the product effectively.
- Keep the product away from children, heat, fire, water and steam.
- Avoid shocks and high heads.

Package included:
1 x ELE YA-30WS-5AE4U
 EU Plug Socket

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