Assan AG62 Anti-sideslip Brake Gyro For RC Airplane

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Assan AG62 Anti-sideslip Brake Gyro For RC Airplane

Assan AG62 Anti-sideslip Brake Gyro For RC Airplane

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The Assab AG62 is designed for RC Airplane with front steering wheel and electromagnetic brake rear wheel mounted. The gyroscope controls the steering angle of the steering wheel, corrects the airplane off tracking tendency, and accurately responds to the direction of the rocker steering action to improve the airplane problem - easy to turn over when cornering under the high speed. RC Aircraft high-speed running in the open electromagnetic brake, the gyroscope controls the left and right electromagnetic brake strength, so that the aircraft brake does not run away.

Brand Name: Assan
Item Name: AG62
Usage: Suitable for RC Airplane with front steering wheel and electromagnetic brake rear wheel mounted

LED Indicator:

Red and Blue Lights at the same time quickly flashing
Blue Light Is On
Steering wheel input signal at neutral point, no steering operation
Blue Light Double Flash
Steering wheel input signal is not neutral, there is steering operation
Blue Light Short Flash
The fuselage is lifted or turned over 40 degrees,the gyro does not carry out corrective work
Red Light Is On
Electromagnetic brake is on
Red Light Short Flash
Electromagnetic brake is off
Red Light Slowly Flash
Electromagnetic brake overcurrent protection
Blue and Red Lights Alternately Flashing
The gyroscope is automatically adapting the mounting direction and steering signal direction

- Using the intelligent adaptation algorithm,when installing,needs direction automatic adaptation for only one time,no need to adjust during the use.
- Skating correction and brake correction effect is excellent, can be widely used in various types of aircraft that require longer distances to take off and land,such as EDF and JET power system RC airplane.
- Has control forward steering wheel correction function and control electromagnetic brake rear wheel correction function,according to the actual configuration of the aircraft,these two functions can be used in conjunction,or only use the control forward steering wheel correction function. 

How To Install:
AG62 correction gyroscope supports six-way installation, which allows the gyroscope bottom parallel to the model plane plane (label side up or down) to install, you can make any one of the four arrows on the gyro label be installed perpendicular to the aircraft bottom. Using a double-sided adhesive tape to fix the gyroscope reliably on an airplane. In addition, the gyroscope should not be installed near the motor or engine.  After the installation is completed, it is necessary for the AG62 to perform an automatic adaptation function to enable the gyro to identify the installation direction.

How To Set:

After installation is complete,supply power to the airplane, gyro red and blue lights at the same time quickly flashing,means the gyroscope is being initialized,DO NOT move the airplane or remote control direction joystick at this time. After the initialization is complete, the blue light is on or flashing. At this time,move the direction joystick to check whether the direction of the front steering wheel is correct. If it is not correct, reverse the direction channel on the remote control.

After confirming that the steering wheel action is correct, set the aircraft horizontally, set the remote control's direction joystick to the left full rudder, and then quickly turn the brakes switch 3 times or more times, gyroscope red and blue lights alternately flashing,means the gyro is automatically adapting the installation direction and steering signal direction. After 3 ~ 5 seconds,the automatic adaptation is complete, the gyroscope can be used normally.

If the gyro red and blue lights are flashing alternately and the automatic adaptation can not be completed, please check whether the airplane is horizontal,whether the transmitter is turn on,whether the direction joystick is in neutral position,whether the receiver correctly receives the remote control signal,or whether the gyro steering signal input line is properly connected to the receiver.

If the gyroscope red and blue lights do not alternately flashing after quickly turn the brakes switch 3 times or more times, and the automatic adaptation can not start, please set the direction channel travel volume to 100%,once again to automatic adaptation. After the automatic adaptation is complete,restore the original settings of the direction channel travel volume.

If the brake control function is not used on your aircraft, please connect the gyroscope's brake control signal line to any of the switch channels on the receiver to perform the gyro auto-adaptation function.

If you do not use the brake control function, the brake control input and brake power can not be connected.
The left and right wheel electromagnetic brake lines must be made sure not to reverse connected.
When you lift or flip the model aircraft more than 40 degree, the gyroscope will stop the correction work after two seconds, allowing you to observe the position of the front steering wheel.
When you start the electromagnetic brake for more than 1 minute without closing, the AG62 will automatically turn off the brakes to prevent the solenoid coil from overheating.

Package Included:
1x Assan AG62 Anti-sideslip Brake Gyro 

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