XH-M159 TA2024 Digital Power Amplifier Board Two Channel DC12V Audio Amplify Module

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XH-M159 TA2024 Digital Power Amplifier Board Two Channel DC12V Audio Amplify Module


Product name: Digital audio amplifier board
Product type: XH-M159
Main feature: Audio amplifier
Zoom type: T Class amplifier
Chip type: TDA2024
Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz
Distortion: 0.5%
Signal to noise ratio: 70DB
Sensitivity: 73DB
Input power: DC12V to ±2V
Input impedance: 100KR
Output power: 15W * 2
Output impedance: 4-8ohm
Number of outputs: Two channels
Size: 80 x 50 x 25mm

Pin Function:

1: +5VGEN 5V--voltage regulator terminal
2: DCAP2--external capacitor charging terminal
3: DCAP1--external capacitor discharge terminal
4: V5D--digital DC 5V
9: V5A--analog DC 5V
5/8/17: AGND1/2/3--analog ground
6: REF--internal reference voltage (1V or so)
7: OVERLOADB--overcurrent output (active low)
10/14: OAOUT1/2--left and right channel input level output terminal
11/15: INV1/INV2--left and right channel input terminal (single-terminal input)
12: MUTE--mute control input
16: BIASCAP--input bias voltage terminal
18: SLEEP--sleep mode control terminal
19: FAULT--overheat protection output terminal (active high)
20/35: PGND2/1--power ground
22: DGND--digital ground
24/27/31/28: OUTP2/OUTM2/OUTP1/OUTM1--Left/Right channel amplifier output terminal (Bridging)
25/26/9/30: VDD--power supply terminal (12V)
33: VDDA--analog supply terminal (12V)
36: CPUMP--external capacitor charging terminal
13/21/23/32/34: NC

Package includes:

1 x TA2024 Digital Power Amplifier Board

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