600W Impulse Heat Sealer Sealing Machine Plastic Bag Closer Teflon PTFE Sealing Tool

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600W Impulse Heat Sealer Sealing Machine Plastic Bag Closer Teflon PTFE Sealing Tool

Main Color: Blue
Plug: US plug
Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Voltage: 220v
Power: 600w
Sealing length: 400mm
Size: Approx. 53x8x30cm/ 20.87x 3.15x11.81"

1. It has 8 timer settings to suit most plastic bags.
2. Comes with one spare element (heat wire) and teflon sheet(total 2).

3. It is most inexpensive and beneficial sealer, very easy to use and long lasting.
4. The PCS Series plastic film sealer is the perfect sealer for PE and PP bags(including cellophane, bubble wraps, shrink wraps and thick heavy duty bags and so on), to package various kinds of candy, foodstuff, general merchandises, stationery, medicine, local specially, electric elements ect.

Operation Instruction:
Firstly please insert the power cord into 220v socket,the sealing time has to be adjusted according to the thickness of poly bag.
Put the top of poly-bag on the sealing workplace and press down evenly.
The Circuit will control the heat time automatically.
Heating time is indicated by red light.
Don't take it at unit one second after the red light is put out.
If you seal it and appear to be broken,pls don't worry. Casue the heat time is too long,you just adjust the knob at counterclockwise and shorten the heating time.
If the polybag stick on the silicone holder because cooling time is not enough. You must lengthen the cooling time and release it later time.
No power consumes when it isn't used so the AC cord doesn't have to be unplgged.

Package Included:
1 x Heat sealer
1 x Spare Heating Element
1 x Teflon Cloth
1 x Use Manual

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