Turnigy 540L V-Spec Inrunner w/ Impeller 810kv

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Turnigy 540L V-Spec Inrunner w/ Impeller 810kv

High torque inrunner, excellent for running propellers without needing a gearbox.
The unique stator design creates a low current and high torque motor great for outrunner replacements and much more efficient than inrunners of the same size.
Dimension: 36mm x 58mm, 70mm(with shaft)
Weight: 158g  (810kv) 
Diameter of shaft:5mm
Length of front shaft:13mm
Lamination thickness: .2mm

Battery: 3-4 Cell 4S/14.8V 18
RPM: 810kv
Max current: 50A
No load current: 2.1A
Internal resistance: 78.0ohm
3S 11.1V 
Prop: 13x4, 12x6
Max Current: 23A, 21.5A
Pull: 1350g, 1250g
4S 14.8
Prop: 12x8, 13x6.8
Max Current: 27.2A, 39A
Pull: 1700g, 2000g 
ESC: 60A
Battery Type: 3-4S Only

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