LCD Security Wireless GSM Autodial Home House Burglar Intruder Fire Alarm System

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LCD Security Wireless GSM Autodial Home House Burglar Intruder Fire Alarm System

Welcome to LCD / GSM intelligent voice anti-theft alarm system, combined with advanced GSM digital signal and network technology. Integrated digital voice, remote home appliances control, SMS identification alarm. Time voice / SMS / phone to inform the police and the time of the incident, stable, reliable, safe, and human control alarm automatically when the voice or SMS to inform the police and the incident location, stable, reliable and safe.
Widely used in the family, factories, schools, shops, convenience stores, financial room, villas, residential and other places need protection. Protect property from infringement.
GSM network technology, reliable and stable;
Full voice prompts, large LCD screen display, simple operation;
Message, broadcast message, bypass zone selection, full command operation, security;
Support 8 types of zone selection, partition can be disarmed.
Support timing arm and disarm;
10 seconds recording message, 10 seconds playback message;
Support the control of outdoor sound and light alarm (arm and disarm, alarm control, etc.);
Support a variety of arm and disarm way, SMS, telephone, remote control;
Can be arbitrarily configured detectors, 4 cable accessories and 32 wireless accessories, 99 road zone name any preparation;
Support wireless doorbell button, control the doorbell host issued a "ding dong, ding dong" sound;
Support alarm storage record query;
Support telephone remote voice remote control, voice telephone alarm;
6 groups of voice alarm calls, 2 sets of SMS alarm call;
Built-in high-capacity lithium battery;
Support AC power alarm report, AC recovery report, built-in battery power shortage report;
Built-in 105dB treble siren, no external speakers, beautiful;
Support the coercion password, can be sent in an emergency alarm notice;
Material: Plastic
Voltage: 12V
Communication: GSM message
Relay drive: ON / NC
Probe input method: wireless
Number of zones: 99
Alarm mode: GSM alarm
Configurable number of wireless devices: 99 (pcs)
Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 55℃
Adaptor: US Plug
Wireless GSM Alarm Control Host: 2x AA batteries(not included)
Wireless Door/ Window Magnet: 1x 12V 23A battery(not included)
Applies to: warehouses, homes, residential, shops, garages, buildings
Package Included:
1 x Wireless GSM Alarm Control Host
1 x Infrared Detectors
1 x Wireless door magnetic detector
2 x Wireless remote controls
1 x Adaptor

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