DC-DC 45-390V/780V ZVS Boost Module High Voltage Capacitor Charging Adjustable Regulator Single Outp

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DC-DC 45-390V/780V ZVS Boost Module High Voltage Capacitor Charging Adjustable Regulator Single Outp


High voltage boost module, plus or minus 45-390V 780V wide voltage range, input double current limit protection, output voltage regulation function, suitable for capacitor charging, hunting, rodent control, glow tube power

Module name High voltage boost module
Module nature Non-isolated boost module
Input voltage Two input voltage range optional (through the back of the PCB jumper selection, shipping default is 10-32V input)
1) 8-16V input (for three strings of lithium and 12V battery applications)
2) 10-32V input (for wide input voltage range applications)
Input current 5A (MAX)
Static operating current 15mA (12V or 50V, the higher the output voltage is too static current will increase)
Output voltage 1) 45-390V continuously adjustable.
2) ± 45-390V continuously adjustable (the default output ± 50V, for other voltage, please note to the treasurer of the module has a regulator function, the output voltage is not adjusted after a stable and stable, does not change with the input voltage changes)
Output current 0.2A max (with the input and output voltage-related, the higher the output voltage, the smaller the output current)
Output power 40W (peak 70W)
Operating temperature -40 to +85 degrees (ambient temperature is too high, please strengthen the heat)
Operating frequency 75KHz
Conversion efficiency up to 88% (efficiency and input and output voltage, current, pressure-related)
Short-circuit protection Yes. (Input 10A fuse, please do not directly short-circuit the output arc! Direct short-circuit arc may damage the rectifier device, such as the short-circuit to pull the arc in series power resistor current limit)
Over-current protection Yes. (Input current exceeds 4.5A, lower output voltage)
Overvoltage protection Yes. (Output voltage exceeds 410V, lower output voltage)
Input reverse protection Yes. (not self-recovery type, then anti-burning fuse, try not to reverse.)
Installation 4 3mm screws
Wiring free solder terminal output (with shell for the welding output)
Size 60mm x 50mm x 22mm (length x width x high)

To the capacitor charging time measured data:

470uF to 390V for 2 seconds
1000uF to 390V for 4 seconds
2200uF is fully charged to 390V for 8 seconds
The 4700uF is fully charged to 390V for 18 seconds

Pay attention!

The module output for the high-pressure, people, animals will be life-threatening, pay attention to the use of security precautions. OUR is not responsible for this.


1. Capacitor charging, electromagnetic gun power.
2. For your electronic equipment, power supply, you can set the output voltage with your system voltage.
3. Pressure test power, glow tube power.
4. Hunting, rodent control.

Package includes:

1 x ZVS Boost Module

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