Arkbird 5.8G 500mW 40CH FPV Transmitter For Racer

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Description :
Brand Name : Arkbird
Item Name : 5.8G 500mW VTX
Weight : 9.1g
Size : 40mm X 24mm X 6mm (without ANT connector)
Specification :
Power : 500mW
Working Voltage : 2-4s(7-17v)
Working Current : 12V@0.4A
Channel : 40CH
Antenna Connector : RP-SMA 
Low ripple power supply, less water ripple on image 
Features :
The use of high efficiency low ripple power supply system, high frequency part of the modular design, to avoid interference, make image transmission more stable
Measured with 3dB antenna, can reach up to 2.5km; with bi-quad antenna, can reach up to 12km.
Pacakage Included :
1 x 5.8G 500mW VTX
1 x 3dB RP-SMA Linear Antenna

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