DJI Focus System For Inspire Pro and Ronin Multirotors

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DJI Focus System For Inspire Pro and Ronin Multirotors

The DJI Focus is a specialist piece of equipment, aimed at professional users looking to capture true cinematic shots by smoothly pulling or racking focus mid shot. It can be used on both ground and aerial platforms such as the DJI Inspire Pro or on the DJI Ronin.

The DJI Focus allows you to smoothly change focus by rotating the wheel on the front of the controller. The Focus can also double as an aperture control system which can change the function of the focus wheel to control the aperture through the settings menu on the OLED screen.

The DJI Focus offers 14 hours of control camera control from a full charge of its 1700mah Lithium-Ion battery which is more than enough for a full days shooting.

The DJI Focus has a rosette style mount, which is a universal system, allowing you to attach it to third party devices (e.g. a monitor or simply onto a tripod or magic arm).

• Compatible with DJI Inspire Pro and Ronin
• Suitable for ground and aerial use
• Allows you to remotely control the focus on the fly
• Doubles as an aperture control system
• Up to 14 hours battery life on a single charge
• Rosette style universal mount
• Neck strap included

Weight: 750gm
Battery: 1700mah Lithium-Ion

Package Includes:
The DJI Focus remote controller
3 x Marking Rings
Neck strap
CAN-Bus data link cable
Micro USB cable
User Manual

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