59Pcs Leather Craft Hand Tools Kit For Hand Stitching/Sewing Stamping Set

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59Pcs Leather Craft Hand Tools Kit For Hand Stitching/Sewing Stamping Set

-100% brand new and high quality
-7 in 1 Adjustable Stitching Groover: work as a stitching groover,
edge creaser, bevel leather edges, rough edges trimmer and stitching-hole spacer.
-4pcs Prong Punch: made of stainless steel,
durable and useful, can punch and neat holes in leather straightly.
-59pcs leather craft hand tools kit, you can sew different leather, fabric, denim, canvas or tarpaulin.
Size: As the picture show
Suitable for proficient or novice, great for sewing leather, canvas or other projects.
About Details:
20 Stamping Punch Tools: Make your own unique design and pattern
7 Adjustable Stitching Groover: including 1 Pcs original edge beveler and 6 Pcs scribing heads
7 Repair Sewing Needles:
1pc curved mattress needle for sewing upholstery and mattress
1pc glover's needle for sewing leather and furs
1pc carpet needle for sewing and heavy cloth
1pc sail needle for sewing canvas and blinds
1pc straight upholstery needle
1pc sack needle
1pc curved mattress needle
4 Prong Punch: 4mm Prong width 1/ 2/ 4/ 6 prong for choosing
4 Sewing Awl : including 1pc copper taper-shank,2 Pcs straight needles and 1pc hook needles, sewing or repairing heavy fabric
3 Leather Edge Wood Slicker Burnishes: Including round, flat and cake, make leather side smooth
5 Leather Edge Grinding Polish Files: make leather side smoother, no burrs
3 Flat Wax Ropes: 150D size, 40m length, Including ecru, black and coffee
1 Black Pressure Cloth Tooth Tool Distance of 4 mm: Make dotted marking on most fabric
1 Log Pressure Cloth Tooth Tool Distance of 2 mm: Make dotted marking on most fabric
1 Solid Wood Awl: Use in sewing and leather craft for pinpointing, hole-punching or stitch removing
1 Thimble: Put on finger, suits for using as shield protectors for pin needles
1 Scissors
1 Soft Tape
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59pcs Leather Craft Hand Tools
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