ZHIYU® ZB2L3-L CR Button Cell Bluetooth / Remote Control / Laminated Battery Capacity Tester For CR2032 CR2016 LR44 337 Button Cell

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ZHIYU® ZB2L3-L CR Button Cell Bluetooth / Remote Control / Laminated Battery Capacity Tester For CR2032 CR2016 LR44 337 Button Cell


Power Supply Voltage: DC 4.5-6V (micro USB connector)
Operating Current: less than 70mA
Discharge Voltage: 1.00V-15.00V; Resolution: 0.01V 
End Voltage Range: 0.5-11.0V
Let-through Current30mA; Resolution: 0.01mA
Voltage Measurement Deviation: 1%+0.02V
Current Measurement Deviation: 1.5%+-0.08mA
Battery Capacity Range: 9999Ah (1Ah = 1000mAh) greater value by shifting the decimal point to switch; when it is less than 100mAh, the display is XX.XX; more than 100mAh, the display is XXX.X , and so on.
Board Dimensions: 50mm x 37mm
Finished Product Dimensions: 50mm x 37mm x 17mm (length x width x height; copper foot height is counted)

Metal film resistor kit included: 9pcs resistors(200Ω: 3pcs  510Ω: 3pcs  1K: 3pcs)


1 The tested battery should be fully charged first.

2 Connect the tested battery to input connector’s “+” and “–” and you cannot connect it oppositely (connecting it oppositely may damage the circuit with load)! Connect load resistance to 2 “R” connectors and power up the tester by micro USB (cannot be powered up by desktop or laptop’s USB) and the display is battery voltage.

3 Start the test by directly pressing “OK” button and the tester can automatically set the appropriate end voltage according to battery fully charged voltage and end voltage blinks 3 times to start the test. If you want to manually set the end voltage, press “+” or “–” before pressing “OK” button; end voltage display starts with “P” and its rest part is voltage value with 0.1V resolution ratio; press “OK” button to start the test after the setting.

4 The tester will connect the load controlling electronic switch after the test is started; the test process data display, discharge capacity (mAh), current discharge current (mA), and battery voltage (V) will take turns to display. When the battery voltage reaches its setting end voltage, the tester disconnects load controlling switch and the display data displaying capacity (mAh) blinks rapidly as its indicator light does; the displaying capacity is battery’s real discharge capacity; press “OK” button to stop the blinking to get the static displaying data; press “OK” button again to recover to the very first being powered up status to change the battery to test the next one.

Error code meanings:
Err1battery voltage is higher than 15V
Err2battery voltage is lower than setting end voltage
Err3battery cannot withstand load discharge current or wire is too thin or too long
Err4current is too high (>31mA)

Package included:

1 x Battery capacity tester
1 x Metal film resistor kit



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