8mm Wireless HD 720P Endoscope for Android IOS Waterproof Inspection Endoscope Camera with Wifi Box

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8mm Wireless HD 720P Endoscope for Android IOS Waterproof Inspection Endoscope Camera with Wifi Box
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Description :

The WIFI Magic endoscope is a big change and big revolution for the field of Endoscope.
It applicable to all the smartphone which with Wifi function (include IPhone).
It is compact.easy to operate and convenient to carry around, most importantly, it can be quickiy connected to various types of smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC.
The wifi magic box Compatible with all USB endoscopes & Android endoscopes with usb cables, changed the traditional endoscope’s limitations of smartphone models and system requirements.
Easily to check video footage, and support take photos and video at the same time.
This product is equipped with 8mm diameter small camera probe, meanwhile, it can easily get into any placewhere you can’t touch and sight cannot reach.
Six leds make users to get a clear vision in dark environment.
And also, make everything simple in all kinds of complicated environment.
Waiting for you to develop more purposes with it!
Specification :

Resolution: HD1280x720, 640x480
View angle: 70
Focal distance: 4-6cm (the best)
Camera Head Diameter: 8.0mm
Light: 6 adjustable white LED lights
Waterproof level: IP67
Frequency: 2.425GHz- 2.493GHz
Transmission distance: 5-30M
Capacity: 850mAh
Power: 5V
Cable Length: 
Support system: IOS/Android/Windows
Function: Take pictures, Recording videos

How to charge the WIFI box
Take the charging line connect to the charging port (3) of WIFI magic box.
When the red light ④ keeps on – charging
When the red light ④ off – fully charged

Used on phone
Step 1:
(IOS) Search for “ZCF100” in the App Store or Scan QR code, and download it.
 (Android) Search for “ZCF99” in the Google play or Scan QR code, and download it.
Step 2:
Install ZCF100 app, then the icon will show on your phone.
Step 3:
Trun on power swith①, the Green light④keeps on, the Blue light⑤ flash at once,after 10 seconds, the Blue light⑤keeps on.
It indicates that the wifi box works normally.
Step 4:
Connect the wifi endoscope camera to ②, turn on the wifi of your phone,after 15 seconds.
And find name of ZCFXX. connect it, password is 12345678, then the Blue light will flash.
It Indicates that the wifi has connected successfully. Turn on the software, then you can use it.

Package includeds :

1 x 8mm Wifi Endoscope Camera (1m/2m/3.5m/5m for Optional~)
1 x Wifi Magic Box
1 x Small Hook
1 x Magnet
1 x Side Mirror
1 x Fixed Set
1 x Sucker
1 x User Manual
Details pictures :

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