SR-328 Duplex Repeater Controller with 2Pcs China Radio Cable for UV5R MD380 + 2Pcs Radio Cable for S765U S780U S785U

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SR-328 Duplex Repeater Controller with 2Pcs China Radio Cable for UV5R MD380 + 2Pcs Radio Cable for S765U S780U S785U


The SR-328 is a multi-function and cheaper device that connects any handheld or mobile radio.
The SR-328 has 2 audio ports input and out , they are used to connect with mobile and handheld radio. DTMF remote control function with password protection is available in the . User can control the repeater ON or OFF remotely by DTMF. Multi-LED display 2 of radio status , and build-in battery Level.


-Works with most popular handheld radios.
-Multi- LED display 2 radio status , And controller Battery Level.
-Real time duplex repeater with link radio.
-Allows user to change the DTMF remote control password by radio.
-Operates on both build-in Li-ion battery 72 hours long life operation.
-External DC 5~24V power supply.
-DTMF remote control repeater function ON and OFF with password protection.
-Professional manufacturer low power consumption.
When the radio units are connected, the received signal on a radio unit will be real time transmit on the other radio unit.
INPUT of radio band
A            B 
(RX )       (TX)
VHF   >   VHF
VHF   >   UHF
UHF   >   VHF
UHF   >   UHF

A Input for Radio Received
B Input for Radio Transmit
Repeater work:
The frequency difference between the upper and lower row forwards (and conventional repeater), A machine as a signal uplink receiver, B machine as a signal downlink transmitter. In order to achieve the purpose of the relay.
Not have a duplexer: two hand-held units connected to a relay station, such as unparalleled workers, two hand sets should be separately using two antennas! Two antennas should be perpendicular to erect! And try to pull the distance between the two! At least not less than 1-5 metre (suggest : the farther the better two distance are Two antenna .)

Have a duplexer: purchase the corresponding frequency/power duplexer using "the joint " of the two hand sets connected to the antenna output terminal of the duplexer transmitter and receiver, respectively, set the frequency corresponding to the handheld units (frequency should be consistent with the duplexer). Under diplexer case, the relay station as long as the need to connect an antenna! And no special attention when erecting antenna!

Package included:

1 x SR328 Duplex Repeater Controller
1 x 100-240V power supply unit
2 x Radio connect cable(K type)
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