USB LED Touch Dimming A4 Anime Copy Of Taiwan Copy

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USB LED Touch Dimming A4 Anime Copy Of Taiwan Copy

Model: A4USB 
Material: Acrylic(organic glass
Outside dimension: 36*26.6cm
Active area: 32*23cm
Power source: 5V supplied with 100/210V power adaptor
light source: flicker- free super bright eco-freindly LED
Adjustable illumination: intelligent touch control, eacept A4-DW
Net weight:0.55KG
Gross Weight:0.9KG

Usage: professional copy in animation, carton,tatoo tracing, craft projects , fabric deisgn,photograph, film, slider transferring, professional tracing in indoor, architecture ,deisgn and drawing, and even as X-ray viewer in hospital

1.Power supply by USB cable, convenice to access to any USB  port like computer wall outlet, USB adapter and power bank
2.Super brigh& eco-friendly LED ensure extreme low calorific value and life span up to 50000 hours
3.Flicker-free& no radiation, good for your eyes especially long-hour working
4.Thin&protable deisgn . ultra-thin and light weights whcih makes the it protable
5.Touch sensor switch deisgn , diammable , turn on/off and brightness control easily just by slight touch

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