2 Pcs VU Meter Warm Backlight Recording Audio Level Amp With Driver Module

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2 Pcs VU Meter Warm Backlight Recording Audio Level Amp With Driver Module

Driver board:

The fourth-generation driver board, through generation and second generation, three generations of improvements, further refine the board's size, easy to install small space. Changes in production processes, improve quality.
The fourth-generation driver board instead of 7318IC perfect drive plate, drive improved 7318 2 disadvantages 1 small plate pointer swing, 2. regulate small sensitivity.

Instructions for use:

1. IN AC / DC 12V-15V power supply for the drive plate. (Recommended independent power transformer, or a separate power supply for the winding! Drive plate when not in use the backlight current 45MA)
2. L, GND, R: This is the driver board the low level signal input terminals for connections are CD players, computer sound cards, the first stage, and other audio signal source device, wiring L, GND, RW respectively: Left, the right channel can be.
3. R1 and R2 are two adjustable resistors driver board can control the size of the hands swing.
4. The backlight DC12V power meter is used after the backlight driver board used for rectifier regulator
5. Note that the positive and negative head interface.

VU Meter:

Color: Black
Metarial: Plastic
Size: 35 x 35 x 37mm
Measuring range: 0--500UA ± 10%
Resistance: 650Ω ± 10%
Accuracy: ± 5%
Approved location: Full-scale 500UA
Backlight voltage: AC/DC 6-12V

To extend the life of the backlight bulbs , you can use the following method:

1. the luminance of the backlight under the conditions to meet the requirements to reduce the operating voltage, can be greatly extended life.
2. AC power supply 10 ~ 12V, series 10 Euro to 50 Euro limiting resistor , reducing the impact on the filament boot .
3. the following figure voltage of 10V renderings

Package includes:

2 x VU Meter
1 x Driver Module

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