5mm Static Grass Flock - Dark Green (250g)

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5mm Static Grass Flock - Dark Green (250g)
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5mm Static Grass Flock - Dark Green (250g) 5mm Static Grass Flock - Dark Green (250g) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $6.41
299 g
Bonus: 6

Hobbyking electrostatic grass flock is perfect for bringing your model railway, architectural model or diorama to life. Available in an assortment of colors, try mixing them to achieve the perfect scale scenic results you are looking for.


Our scenic grass flock is best  applied with a Handheld Electrostatic Flock Applicator giving the appearance which causes the fine fibers to stand upright giving the appearance of grasses or weeded areas 

Dimensions: 5mm
Color: Dark green
Material: Propene polymer
Quantity: 250g

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