Adjustable Power 25mW / 200mW 5.8GHz 48CH NTSC/PAL Mini VTX FPV Camera Combo (Cloverleaf Antenna)

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Adjustable Power 25mW / 200mW 5.8GHz 48CH NTSC/PAL Mini VTX FPV Camera Combo (Cloverleaf Antenna)

FPV camera combos are getting very small and this mini combo is one of the smallest with some big features such as being able to change the output power from 25mW to 200mW with the touch of a button. This combo can be used on any RC product from the smallest of multi-rotor drones to racing cars. Your imagination is the limit to what they can be used for.


Other great features are button press changes for NTSC/PAL and changing channels/bands is just as simple. It comes with a full 48 channel video transmitter and can run on any DC power up to 5.5V so a one cell lipo battery will easily do the job. The camera has a field of view 120 degree FOV and the full size (without aerial) is less than a 20x20x20mm box and weighs just over 6g.


This combo is a great way to get into FPV as it will fit almost anywhere with ease.


• Mini sized camera/transmitter
• Simple installation
• NTSC/PAL switchable
• 48 Channel transmitter
• Integrated cloverleaf antenna
• 120° Field of view
• 25mW/200mW switchable

Frequency Band: 5362~5945MHz
Channels: 48
Modulation: FM
Output: 25mW~200mW switchable
Supply Voltage: 2.9~5.5v
Power consumption: 25mW-max280mA, 200mW-max550mA @ 5V DCIN
Channel Indicate: LED
Format: NTSC/PAL switchable
Sensor: PAL 720 X 540 / NTSC 640 X 480 1/4"
FOV: Horizontal 120°/Vertical 100°
Operating Temperature: -10~60℃
Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 17mm (without antenna)
Total Weight: 6.1g


A: 5740MHz 5760MHz 5780MHz 5800MHz 5820MHz 5840MHz 5860MHz 5880MHz
B: 5705MHz 5685MHz 5665MHz 5645MHz 5885MHz 5905MHz 5925MHz 5945MHz
C: 5865MHz 5845MHz 5825MHz 5805MHz 5785MHz 5765MHz 5745MHz 5725MHz
D: 5658MHz 5695MHz 5732MHz 5769MHz 5806MHz 5843MHz 5880MHz 5917MHz
E: 5733MHz 5752MHz 5771MHz 5790MHz 5809MHz 5828MHz 5847MHz 5866MHz
F: 5362MHz 5399MHz 5436MHz 5473MHz 5510MHz 5547MHz 5584MHz 5621MHz

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