Co-Axial Hover Target w/Altitude Sensor

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Co-Axial Hover Target w/Altitude Sensor

Looking for a different type of gift can be a challenge. The Hover Target combines drone technology to the old style shoot'em up games. Once turned on the target automatically flies around the room using sensors to move up or down providing a moving target to shoot at. Use the shooter to hone your shooting skills. See if you can hit the moving target. 


Take aim and test your skill and accuracy. The Hover Target will provide hours of entertainment for all those involved, from little kids to big kids.


• Infrared altitude sensors
• Made from durable plastic
• Auto crash shut-off technology
• Easy and reliable charging
• Easy to operate
• Lots of Fun


Package includes:
Hover Target
Dart x 3
English Instruction Manual


4 x "AA" Batteries


Note: For indoor use only.

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