Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor

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Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor Europe HobbyKing In Stock $93.54
1.02 kg
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The Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor ideal for Electric Skateboard Conversions.  


KV: 125
Max current: 45A
Max Power: 2000W
Idle current: 0.9A
Resistance: 90MΩ
Shaft: 8mm
Weight: 745g
Suggested ESC: 220A VESC
Cell count: 8~12s Lipoly (Voltage)
Bolt holes spacing: 44mm
Bolt thread: M4
Connection: 4.0 banana Gold plug
Shaft length A (mm):8
Length w/ hubs B w/o shaft (mm):71
Can Diameter C (mm) 62.50
Can Length D(mm) 54.80
Total Length E with shaft (mm) 108.50


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