Durafly Color Tundra 1300mm (51") Anniversary Edition (Purple/Gold) (PnF)

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Durafly Color Tundra 1300mm (51
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Durafly Color Tundra 1300mm (51 Durafly Color Tundra 1300mm (51") Anniversary Edition (Purple/Gold) (PnF) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $228.08
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Introducing the Durafly Tundra Anniversary Edition, No Limits flying!


Now the ever popular Durafly Tundra comes out in an Anniversary Edition. Besides the great new color schemes, there are a couple of other changes to make this outstanding plane even better. The 40A ESC now comes with the ability to go in reverse. Just a flick of a switch and you can taxi backwards. This is a great feature when on water or land. The big Tundra wheels are now made of a new "stress ball" rubber compound making them softer and more realistic. All the original outstanding features are still used to complete this exciting plane.


From the beginner pilot to the experienced flier this plane will do it all. The Tundra is an extremely versatile plane that is easy to fly and would make an ideal club trainer whilst still being highly entertaining for the experienced pilot with aerobatics and excellent vertical performance. 


Whether it is flying from rough fields, water, snow or sand, the Tundra takes on all with ease. The Tundra has a wide flight envelope making it ideal for FPV flying, aerobatics, glider towing, candy dropping or just good old fashioned super STOL slow flying,


The tough EPO foam construction is beautifully finished with a great look. Its light weight design coupled with a powerful brushless set-up instantly gives you a feeling of confidence on the sticks as quickly as it puts a smile on your face. 


This rugged and reliable plane can also get into those tight and hard to land places with its huge flaps and extreme STOL performance. The large main wheels make it easy to land just about anywhere. Swap out the wheels for the supplied floats and you'll be flying from lakes, streams and other waterways. 


A quick change to the FPV canopy will give you more extreme fun flying. More excitement can be found utilizing the built in tow fitting for towing your friend’s gliders to the best thermals.


Simply put the Tundra is an immense amount of fun to fly and you will be flying soon enough due to a very straight forward and speedy assembly process.


Some neat optional extras are the addition of skis. Take on the very best mother nature can throw at you and still come up smiling. With the Tundra, there are no limits!


• New color scheme
• 40A Reversing ESC
• Heavy duty bush style landing gear 
• Softer polypropylene/rubber wheels
• Fast and easy assembly
• Beautifully moulded, rugged EPO construction
• Pre-installed 3S powertrain offering near vertical performance
• Two piece wing with servo PCB fast connector
• 'Barn door' style flaps for true STOL performance and super slow flight
• FPV canopy tray included
• Floats and water rudder included
• Tow hard mounting point, perfect for glider towing
• Up to 20 minutes flight time
• Optional set of skis


Wingspan: 1300mm (51")
Length: 1190mm (47")
Flying Weight: 1150g
Motor: 3636-950Kv Brushless outrunner
ESC: Aerostar 40amp Brushless ESC
Prop: Durafly Carbon  Fiber 12x6”


All hardware


6-7CH transmitter/receiver
3S 11.1V 1300~2200mAh LiPoly battery (30C min)


Ski Set
FPV Gear

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