EMAX Babyhawk 85mm Brushless Drone PNP Version without Radio

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EMAX Babyhawk 85mm Brushless Drone PNP Version without Radio

Take to the skies with this powerful mini drone. The BabyHawk features a Femto F3 Flight Controller with built-in 5v regulator for easy use. Perfect for indoor flying, the micro drone weights under 70g with a wheel base measuring only 87mm.


Use the FPV camera to completely immerse yourself in the flight experience. The camera mount has a 23 degree tilt, which allows the CMOS 800TVL camera to remain level as you rip through the skies. The real-time video technology limits latency to ensure visuals are relayed quickly to your chosen headset or base station monitor.


Fitted with brushless 1104-5250KV motors, the BabyHawk quadcopter is lighter, faster and quieter. React to your environment by adjusting the motor's thrust, navigating obstacles and the elements with ease.


Survive crash landings with the full housing shell and prop guard, protecting the camera and motors from obstacles and preventing damage. If you wish to tweak your drone's capabilities, download Betaflight to customise your flight experience. The BabyHawk includes four spare tri-blade propellers and an assortment of screws to help keep your drone flying high.



• Small 87mm wheelbase, 69.3g weight
• All-in-One Camera and VTX 25MW CMOS Camera
• Femto F3 Flight Controller / PDB board with built in 5v regulator
• Bullet 6A BLHeli 2S Plug-In ESCs
• 1104-5250KV Brushless Motor
• 23 degrees of tilt for camera


Wheelbase: 87mm
Drone Size (without antenna and camera): 132x132x48mm
Camera: CMOS 800TVL
Video Transmitter: 5.8GHz 25-200mW, 40 Channel
Flight Controller: F3 Femto
Motor: 1104-5250KV Brushless
ESC: Bullet 6A (BLHeli-S)
Propeller: 2345 tri-blade
Weight: 68.5g (w/o battery)

1 x 2S 300mAh LiPo battery
4CH or higher Transmitter and Receiver
FPV Goggles or base station (optional)

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