Engine Mount for NGH Gas Engines (GF30/GT25/GT35/GT35R/GF38)

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Engine Mount for NGH Gas Engines (GF30/GT25/GT35/GT35R/GF38) Engine Mount for NGH Gas Engines (GF30/GT25/GT35/GT35R/GF38) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $15.47
139 g
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Custom designed beam mount for the NGH GF30/GT25/GT35/GT35R/GF38 range of engines.

A rigid, vibration-free mounting system is a must for all engines and this mount is a neat and lightweight solution for mounting your NGH engine.

It is supplied with fixing bolt, washers and Nyloc nuts.



• Custom designed
• Tough alloy construction
• Blue anodised finish
• Fixings supplied
• Suitable for NGH GF30/GT25/GT35/GT35R & GF38 engines


Material: Aluminum alloy
Finish: Blue anodised
Mounting holes: 54mm Centres (bulkhead) 5.3mm Ø
                              10~39mm 4.5mm Ø
Beam depth: 14mm
Dimensions: 115 x 68 x 10.5mm

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