SCRATCH/DENT - Jumper 260 Plus 20A BLHeli ESC (Opto)

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SCRATCH/DENT - Jumper 260 Plus 20A BLHeli ESC (Opto) SCRATCH/DENT - Jumper 260 Plus 20A BLHeli ESC (Opto) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $4.83
18 g
Bonus: 5

Item used in photo shoot only - Non AU Stock item. Appears to be complete and unused in original packaging


No warranty available for this item.
Please do not ask questions as the item will be sold out within 24hrs.
No backorders allowed.


Scratch & Dent items are sold as-is. What you see in the photo is what you will get.
Because HobbyKing loses money on each Scratch/Dent item sold we cannot offer warranty or answer questions on these products.


Item will be deactivated once a 0 stock level is reached.


Please see product Jumper 260 Plus 20A BLHeli ESC (Opto) for more details.


This 20A ESC is specially designed (long and thin) to fit in the carbon fiber tube arms of the Jumper 260 Plus. 

1 x 20A ESC BLHeli

Part Number: 260P-038

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