Turnigy Six Arm Soldering Station (w/USB Fan)

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Turnigy Six Arm Soldering Station (w/USB Fan)
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Turnigy Six Arm Soldering Station (w/USB Fan) Turnigy Six Arm Soldering Station (w/USB Fan) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $33.75
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Soldering is always a messy business. There is always a need for an extra hand or three. This tool is designed for making it easy to hold all your components together while freeing up your hands for soldering. It is also an effective device for holding small objects whilst painting them and has all sorts of other uses.


The stand has a solid aluminum base, for stability, with six flexible arms attached. Each arm comes with an alligator clip making it easy to hold components or wires. You can easily remove the alligator clips and replace them with your choice of tool such as an LED light or small magnifying glass if you are into customising. It also comes with a USB powered fan for blowing all the smoke away or cooling your solder joints.


Many hands make life easy with this superbly built device.


Aluminum alloy base: Φ165mm x H21mm
Universal joint pipe length: 295mm (Alligator clip included)
Aluminum alloy base color: Blue
Product weight: 950g
Product size: W165xH306mm


Fan Specs:
Rated Voltage: 5V DC
Current Rating: 0.1A
Power Consumption: 0.5W
Revolution: 7000+/- 10% RPM
Noise: 20 DBA
Wind Speed: 1.5 m/s
Air Volume: 1.55 CFM
Size: 30 x 30mm
USB cable length: 1000mm

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