U-STAR Mini Universal Table Vise

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U-STAR Mini Universal Table Vise U-STAR Mini Universal Table Vise Europe HobbyKing In Stock $51.23
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The U-STAR High Precision Mini Bench Vice is a deceptively simple looking tool that can be used for holding a huge range of small items such as ESC's and small electrical and mechanical projects. It features a precision machined jaw with a 30mm opening, small grooves run along the Y and Z axis making it easier to hold round items, as well as a series of M3 cap head screws that can be be removed and added to secure a variety of shapes on the horizontal surface of the vice. A lockable ball joint allows the vice to move to a range of angles making it easier to work on small difficult to reach areas. The fine thread on the winding mechanism ensures a precise hold of the item being sercured while minimising the risk of damage due to over-tightening the jaws.

The mini vice is made from extremely durable and heavy tool steel which means it won't move easily when you need to use a little pressure on the item on which you are working.

All-in-all this is a high quality tool that you wonder how you ever did without it before, a must for any serious hobbyist. 

• Rotating and tilting head
• Made of highly durable tool steel
• Lockable ball joint
• Max jaw capacity 30mm
• Fixing screws for locating, locking and wire bending


Material: Tool Steel
Maximum Jaw Capacity: 30mm
Weight: 568g

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