YEP 120A HV (4~14S) Marine Brushless Speed Controller (Opto)

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YEP 120A HV (4~14S) Marine Brushless Speed Controller (Opto)
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YEP 120A HV (4~14S) Marine Brushless Speed Controller (Opto) YEP 120A HV (4~14S) Marine Brushless Speed Controller (Opto) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $113.18
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Following on from the success of the YEP speed controllers we now have a watercooled version for marine use. It has all the fantastic features of the other version but this one also incorporates a water cooling system and the entire ESC has been coated in a water-proof compound for protection against moisture. The features include super smooth start and ultra high resolution throttle response which puts these ESC's in a class of their own.

The YEP ESC's not only offer excellent performance they are also built with the highest quality components to ensure true-to-rating current handling and high efficiency operation. All Hobbyking YEP ESC's can be programmed via the optional programming card or by transmitter stick inputs.

• HV capability for use with up to 14S (51.8V) Lipoly
• Optional programming card for convenient set up
• ESC has separate programming lead built-in so there is no need to unplug from Rx
• Super fine throttle resolution provides first rate and highly accurate linearity
• Super smooth adjustable start-up mode
• High anti-interference capability
• Low voltage cut-off protection with automatic adjustment for NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion/LiPo/LiFePO4
• Soft cut-off option at low voltage, slows motor RPM gradually rather than hard cut-off (LVC)
• Low voltage cut-off can be disabled
• Variable cut-off voltage
• LED status display
• Adjustable motor timing from 0°~ 30°
• Blocked rotation protection (senses a jammed motor and stops motor rotation)
• Motor reversing from ESC (no need to change ESC/motor wires)
• Over-temperature protection and overload alarm
• Anti sparking circuit, reduces connection sparks
• Throttle signal loss protection, if the signal is lost for 3 secs the power will automatically shut down
• Safe power up (motor will not start until throttle is returned to closed position)
• Water cooled and the whole ESC has been waterproofed for protection if it gets wet

Max Cont Current: 120A
Max Burst Current: 140A (for 10 secs)
Input Voltage: 4~14 cells Li-XX or 12~48 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery
BEC: None (Opto)
PWM: 8~16KHz
Max RPM: 240,000rpm for 2 Pole Brushless Motor
Dimensions: L105 x W53 x H30mm
Weight: 180g (inc wires)


YEP programming card required to access the full suit of programming options. 

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