Team RaceKraft 3041 Q4CS 4 Blade Props - Clear (2 x CW, 2 x CCW)

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Team RaceKraft 3041 Q4CS 4 Blade Props - Clear (2 x CW, 2 x CCW) Team RaceKraft 3041 Q4CS 4 Blade Props - Clear (2 x CW, 2 x CCW) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $4.13
14 g
Bonus: 4

The Team RaceKraft range of propellers are the answer to many a racer's dream!

Engineered and tested by the world's top freestyle and racing pilots, they are manufactured to withstand today's rigorous FPV racing. Producing the most power in their class, RaceKraft Props are deigned to be very durable while still giving you great performance, so why not use what the Pro's are using?

These drone racing propellers are one of the most durable and robust types on the market, they also come pre-balanced which is a bonus for performance and motor life.
The power and durability they deliver is fantastic, that's why professional drone pilots only run Team RaceKraft propellers. These props provide more thrust than the majority of props on the market whilst still maintaining efficiency.

RaceKraft Props are available in an wide range of colors, so why not mix and match to give your multirotor that unique look for all the other pilots to see when you blast past them. Eack pack contains 2 x clockwise and 2 x counter clockwise propellers.

Follow the choice of champions by using Team RaceKraft propellers.

Dimensions: 3" x 4.1"
Material: Polycarbonate
Color: Clear
Quantity: 2 x Clockwise, 2 x Counter Clockwise
Weight: 7.4g (set of 4)

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