PGY-TECH L121 Phone Monitor Hood for DJI Mavic Drones

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PGY-TECH L121 Phone Monitor Hood for DJI Mavic Drones

Use the monitor hood to shield your LCD screen on your Mavic Pro drone, Inspire or Phantom series from DJI drones. 

Made of high-quality PU skin, the monitor hood is soft to the touch, while the matt lining reduces reflections so you can see the screen more clearly. Slot your device into place with the silicon straps to shade your screen from multiple angles.

Create a better visual experience for your Mavic Pro drone by eliminating the glare on your screen. The portable design is easy to carry and can be taken with you to all launch sites.

The L121 design fits a monitor that is 121mm or under. This makes the drone accessory perfect for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro controller, LG Galaxy 4, LG Galaxy 5, HUAWEI P8, HUAWEI P9 and many more.

• Reduces glare and reflection on the screen
• Fits all monitors under 121mm
• Made of high-quality PU with a matt finish
• Designed for Mavic Pro, Inspire and Phantom drone

Open Dimensions: 278x91mm (10.9x3.6")
Closed Dimensions: 121x91mm (4.7x3.6")
Compatible with: DJI Phantom Pro RC Monitor, LG G4, LG G5, Redmi Note, VIVO X6, VIVO X7, HUAWEI P8, HUAWEI P9, HUAWEI Honor 8, LETV 1S, LETV 2Pro

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