PGY-Tech Lens Filter Set for Phantom 4 Pro (6pcs)

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PGY-Tech Lens Filter Set for Phantom 4 Pro (6pcs)

Get the most out of your Phantom 4 drone with these HD lens filters. Made of aviation alumium alloy, the  lenses contain high quality optical glass with multi-layered coatings on either side for ultimate clarity and precision. The high definition lens is scratch resistant and features an ultra-thin design with no dark corners.

The knurling edge makes it easy to attach or remove the lenses while out in the field. The anodizing silver edge strengthens the lens filter and protects it against fading. Enjoy less reflections with the matte alumiunum finish that reduces glare.

Zip the drone filters safely into the carry case for transportation. The handy case also includes a micro-fibre cloth for cleaning and storage space for SD cards, lens caps and more.

• Ultra-thin design with no dark corners
• Made of avitation aluminum alloy
• High quality optical glass
• Scratch resistant
• Black dumb film frames
• Anodizing silver edge to strengthen frame
• Knurling edge for easy attachment
Matte alumiunum finish reduces reflections

1x UV Filter for Phantom 4 Pro
1x CPL Filter for Phantom 4 Pro
1x ND4 Filter for Phantom 4 Pro
1x ND8 Filter for Phantom 4 Pro
1x ND16 Filter for Phantom 4 Pro
1x ND32 Filter for Phantom 4 Pro
1x Case for 6 Filters for Phantom 4 Pro

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