Turnigy Voltage Protector 550000uf (1.4sec)

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Turnigy Voltage Protector 550000uf (1.4sec)

The TURNIGY capacity set helps prevent "brown outs" resetting your Rx if your servo amp draw spikes or you have an Rx glitch.
It will also help reduced the load on your ESCs BEC and reduce the likelihood of glitching. Simply plug it in to any spare channel on your receiver.

Operating Voltage : 3.2V - 11.1V (1s ~ 3s LiPo)
Capacitor voltage: 15v
Storage Capacity: 550000uf
Weight: 18.5g (including heat shrink covering and wire)

Data on a 3A load spike typically seen when large retracts jam:
Supply 6v with a voltage drop to 4.7v over 0.5sec
Supply 6v with a voltage drop to 3.0v over 1.4sec (3.0v minimum voltage of the OrangeRx 6ch)

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