RF Signal Bug Detector Hidden Camera Laser Lens GSM Device Finder

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RF Signal Bug Detector Hidden Camera Laser Lens GSM Device Finder

-Can detect within the range of 1-10 meters within the transmission frequency of 100-2400Mhz between the wireless transceiver equipment, such as wireless cameras, etc., can effectively prevent in various circumstances were eavesdropping or videotaping.
-Precise and reliable, can work accurately, small size, can carry.
-To detect, follow these steps:
1, first pull the antenna
2, continue to press the "A" button while the indicator light is on, left and right movement When receiving a radio wave, the sound at the same time the indicator light flashes, long distance (depending on the launch power strength) lock the launch area.
3, continue to press the "B" key to short distance to find the launch. When a radio wave is received, the sound flashes and the indicator flashes.
4, when the press "B" key to find a short distance, if the distance of more than 2 meters, may be due to the launch power or interference, this time the antenna can be properly shortened.
1. Business people business negotiations, the contract signed confidential; to prevent the negotiations were eavesdropping
2. Government officials to prevent the use of lawless elements
3. Everyone who protects privacy and protects legitimate rights and interests
4. security, police and other security personnel
5. Check the hotel, hotel, public toilets, swimming pool, locker room whether there are hidden camera
6. Companies, factories, cinemas or art galleries to prevent being beaten. Protect personal privacy in private places, etc.
Product name: Signal detectors
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 6.5x3.5x1.4cm/2.55"x1.37"x0.55"
Scope of work: 10 (m)
Working voltage: 1.5 (V)
Detection frequency band: 100-2400 (MHz)
Weight: 90g
Package includes: 
1 x Signal detectors
1 x English Manual
1 x Package Box
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