Turnigy 947-III Portable Electric Soldering Iron Set (AU plug)

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Turnigy 947-III Portable Electric Soldering Iron Set (AU plug)

The Turnigy 947-III portable electric soldering iron set not only has an excellent 60W soldering iron but all the accessories, like solder, tip cleaner, sucker and tweezers, required for successful soldering plus a storage case to keep all the tools together.

Temperature setting is easily adjustable between 200C and 450C to meet most requirements and a handy indicator light lets you know when the iron is on. This lightweight soldering iron includes an ON-OFF switch for ease of use and energy efficiency and the tip can be easily changed with most "Hako" type tips to suit your soldering needs.

The internal heating core is highly efficient and the handle uses new environmentally safe materials that are safe and durable. Included is a support stand to hold the soldering iron when not in use. A great package with everything you need.

• Includes handy storage case
• Small size, light weight, easy to carry
• Highly efficient internal heating core
• Adjustable temperature dial
• Power switch to turn off the iron when not in use making it safer and energy efficient
• The handle uses completely new environmentally friendly protection material that is safe and durable
• Comes with all the soldering accessories required for successful soldering

Model: 947-III
Power: 60W
Input voltage: 220-240V
Temperature range: 200°C~450°C
Temperature stability: ±1°C (static state)
Supply switch: Yes
Temperature adjustable: Yes
Operating indicator lights: Yes
Weight: 220g
Operating temperature: 0°C~40°C
Storage temperature: -20°C~80°C
Storage humidity: 35%~45%

Turnigy 947-III soldering iron
De-Soldering suction tool
Soldering Iron tip set (5pcs)
Solder wire 1mm
Soldering iron tip cleaner
Carry case

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