5PCS 4S 5Pin 2.54XH 30cm Lipo Battery Charger Silicone Wire Balance Extension Cable

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5PCS 4S 5Pin 2.54XH 30cm Lipo Battery Charger Silicone Wire Balance Extension Cable

Item:Balance Extension Cable
Plug: Male to Female Standard XH2.54
Type: 4S(5Pin)
Silicone Wire:20AWG
Heat resistance:200°(100 x 0.88mm copper wire inside)
Usage: for lipo battery to charger extension cable

Easily connect, do not need to modify the wire.
High quality balancing head (XH2.54 standard point where you can buy the bare plug), and made of high quality silicone wire.
The 20AWG silicone wire for the balance of the head can be accommodated, resistance to high current, heat to 200 degrees.
Contain copper 0.08mm 100 shares.
Durable skin, suitable for long-term use.

Package Included:
5 x 30cm Male to Female Balance Extension Cable

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