Roco/Fleischmann HO Acid Transport Wagon DB (Zschimmer & Schwarz)

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A beautifully detailed model by Roco/Fleischmann in HO scale of this very unusual subject of an acid transport wagon as used by the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) for the company Zschimmer & Schwartz. The model is very true to scale with original style lettering and livery and realistic acid transport tanks, it also features a brakeman's platform. The 2 axle wagon carries 12 ceramic pots for the transportation of the acids and other corrosive liquids. The couplings are to the NEM 362 standard with close coupling mechanism.

Scale: HO
Livery: Zschimmer & Schwartz (DB)
Coupling: NEM 362 with KK-kinematics
AC Wheel Set: Article number 6560
Overall length: 101mm

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