SCRATCH/DENT - Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison

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SCRATCH/DENT - Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison SCRATCH/DENT - Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $74.28
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Please see product Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison for more details.

The Grove indoor environment kit has been designed to make creating environmental applications intuitive and as simple as possible.

When used with the included Base Shield V2 as the Arduino breakout board, the kit allows you to plug in up to 11 different sensors and actuators to build a complete environment monitoring system customized to your own needs.

Regularly updated demo codes are provided on the Grove website ( for a wide range of projects from a simple thermometer to hydroponic control systems. Adding additional sensors expand the possibilities even further. There is also a full tutorial section covering all aspects of the Grove kit.

A brilliant and practical introduction to the fascinating world of robotics and coding, perfect for inquiring minds!

• Easy to understand kit
• Arduino compatible
• Online community support
• 11 Sensors/actuators included

Base Shield:
Operating voltage: 3.5~5.5V
Dimensions 55 x 70mm

HV Relay:
Voltage: 250V
Current: 10A
Dimensions: 42 x 24 x 19.5mm
(Always consult a qualified electrician before working with high voltage applications)

Rotary Encoder:
Voltage: 4.5V~5.5V
Current: 10mA~30mA
Dimensions: 20 x 20mm
Weight: 12g

Piezo Buzzer:
Voltage: 4~8V
Sound Output: ≥85dB
Frequency: 2300Hz +/- 300Hz

Voltage: 4.8~6V
Speed: 0.10sec/60° @ 6V
Torque: 1.8kg/cm @ 6V
Dimensions: 24 x 23 x 12mm 
Weight: 8.5g

Base Shield V2
Momentary button
Piezo buzzer
Rotary encoder
Backlit LCD display
Light sensor
PIR motion sensor
Moisture sensor
High voltage relay
UV sensor
TH02 multi-function sensor

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