Gemfan Propeller 5152 Pink (CW/CCW) (4pcs)

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Gemfan Propeller 5152 Pink (CW/CCW) (4pcs) Gemfan Propeller 5152 Pink (CW/CCW) (4pcs) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $2.98
18 g
Bonus: 3

The latest offering from Gemfan these 5152 propellers are ready for take off. Designed by GemFan for durability and balance, these high efficiency propellers are made of polycarbonate and offer great punch and top end. The set comes with two pairs of blades, 2 x CW rotation and 2 x CCW rotation.

Prop Size: 5152
Blades: 2 blade
Pitch: 5.2 
Weight: 3.8g
Color: Black
Material: Polycarbonate
Hub Size: 5mm
Rotation: CW/CCW

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