2.4G SP09X Micro Satellite Receiver (DSM2/DSMX Compatible)

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2.4G SP09X Micro Satellite Receiver (DSM2/DSMX Compatible)

Designed for LED displays, this micro satellite receiver can be used for small aircraft, micro drones and multi-rotors. Bind the DSM2/DSMX compatible receiver to F3 flight controllers by using Cleanflight. Simply connect the flight controller to your computer, open the Cleanflight configurator and reboot the board. The satellite LED will start blinking during the bind process and stay solid once successful. Connect Betaflight and use the receiver tab to test that the satellite is working correctly.

• Frequency Range: 2.403-2.479Ghz
• Input Power: 5V
• Response Time: 22ms / 11ms
• Resolution: 1024/2048
• Operating Voltage: 3.3V
• Working Current: 60MA
• Size: 18x13x5mm
• Weight: 0.9g
• Antenna Length: 30mm
• Data Format: Serial port
• Protocol: DSM2/DSMX compatible
• Distance: 200m

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