Orlandoo OH32A02 4WD 1/35 Pajero Look Crawler Kit (Un-assembled)

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Orlandoo OH32A02 4WD 1/35 Pajero Look Crawler Kit (Un-assembled) Orlandoo OH32A02 4WD 1/35 Pajero Look Crawler Kit (Un-assembled) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $64.29
380 g
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Orlandoo OH32A02 4WD 1/35 Crawler Kit is a fantastic scale plastic kit that also happens to be a fully functional radio control pick-up truck that will handle all sorts of scale terrain. Everytyhing in this kit screams attention to detail, from the highly detailed Pajero looking body, to the super soft scale pattern tyres, to the scale axles and chrome mag wheels, right down to the the windscreen wipers that sit neatly on the windscreen.

This is full DIY (Do it yourself) model so there are a few holes to drill and some parts may need to be slightly sanded or trimmed to get a perfect finsh or to set it up the way you want, but that is part of the joy of this truck. It isn't a brainless click together exercise that anyone could do in an hour, it's a project model where the build is just as important a part of the experience as the finished product. The body also comes unpainted which allows you to create your own personal color scheme.

Scale: 1:35
Drivetrain: 4WD Front and Rear Locked Axle
Chassis: 4 link with friction damper

Vehicle Length: 151mm
Vehicle Width: 59mm
Height: 62mm
Wheelbase: 87mm

1 x Orlandoo OH32A02 4WD 1/35 Scale Pajero
1 x Toolset

Transmitter & Receiver
Geared Brushed Motor
Speed Controller
2.2g Servo
Lipo Battery

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