Diatone 2017 GT200S FPV Racing Drone PNF (Violet)

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Diatone 2017 GT200S FPV Racing Drone PNF (Violet)

The Diatone 2017 GT200S is the third generation of the remarkable GT series, it continues the minimalistic design of the previous GT series by reducing the level of association between components. This simple design faciliates easy maintenance and allows replacement parts to be fitted quickly and easily. There are no fewer than 8 updates and modifications over previous GT versions in this latest improved design.

The simple low profile design nicely combines aluminum and carbon fiber in a uni-body, stretched X design. The arms and bottom plate have a thickness of 5.2mm which is the thickest of any mini quad frame available at the moment. The installed Edge2306 2450KV motors have super high quality magnets and windings which are silver enameled to improve efficiency and reduce heat build up. The motors are completely isolated from the frame by using a motor vibration suppression (MVS) system which is unique to Diatone. This suppression system uses a soft silicone pad which wraps around all the contact surfaces and reduces the vibration transmitted to the frame which increases the preciseness of the flight controller and picture quality of the FPV system.

The 2017 GT200S utilises the Fury F3 flight controller with integrated BetaFlight OSD. The Fury F3 has been designed from the ground up by quad pilots and builders who wanted a better flight controller. They took into account the things they liked in other flight controllers and combined these with their wish list of features that were missing to produce the ultimate racing drone flight controller. It uses a MPU6000 6 axis gyro and 8K/8K settings, integrated 5V/1.5A BEC, BetaFlight OSD and a 3.3V/500mA independent power supply IC (AMS1117-3.3) for the receiver. You can use 3.3V or 5V on the control pad or you can use the provided 3.3V BEC module.

The 5g Diatone 30A ESC's support Dshot300/600 and use a Silabs EFM8BB21 MCU. These ESC's coupled with the matching Edge 2306 silver motors and Gemfan Flash 5152 propellers provide the 2017 GT200S with a powerful driving force.

The FPV system uses a HS117 camera and an SP2 V2 transmitter which make a great stable partnership. The Sony Super 2 CCD provides a fantastic image while the 2.3mm lens allows an almost 120 degree angle of view. The SP2 V2 VTX provides 48ch's and 0/25/200/400mW power selections.

Also incorporated into the design of the 2017 GT200S is a modified anti slip battery strap. The new design has a width of 300mm which adds strength and gives 50% better protection to the battery pack.

The Diatone 2017 GT200S is supplied as a plug and fly racing drone, you will need to supply a transmitter, receiver, battery and charger of your choice to get flying and winning races.

• 3rd generation design
• Simple design facilitates easy maintenance
• 5.2mm carbon fiber arms and bottom plate
• Low profile design
• Motor vibration suppression (MVS) system
• Fury F3 flight controller
• Diatone 30A ESC's with matching Edge 2306 motors
• Gemfan Flash 5152propellers
• Perfectly matched HS117 camera and SP2 V2 VTX FPV system
• Upgraded battery mount system offers 50% more protection

Camera Features:
• High quality 600TVL picture
• 2.3mm wide angle lens
• 1/3" Sony super HAD 11 CCD
• 2D digital noise reduction
• Mirror function
• Low illumination: 0.01 Lux

Model: Diatone 2017 GT200S racing drone
Color: Violet
AUW: 390g (without battery or receiver)
ESC: Diatone Innovations 302XD
ESC Support: Dshot300/600
Input Voltage: 3~4S (11.1~14.8V)
Continuous Current: 30A
Burst Current: 40A
Motor: Edge 2306 2450Kv
Propellers: Gemfan Flash 5152
Camera: HS1177

1 x Transmitter
1 x Receiver
1 x 3S or 4S lipoly battery
1 x Lipoly battery charger

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