Keyes LM2596S DC-DC Step Down Power Module

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This is a high power DC to DC power converter which steps down the voltage but steps up the current from its input supply to its output load. It does this by using 2 x semiconductors and an LM2596S main chip. The unit is extremely efficient (around 90%) and utilises a dual mode LED readout (input and output) and a potentiometer for you to adjust the output voltage. 2 mounting holes are supplied in the PCB to allow you to mount the module to other devices.

This unit has many many uses including Arduino/Funduino/Kingduino and robotic projects, another being that it is perfect for stepping down voltages such as the 12V found in computers down to the 5V required for USB devices.

Input Voltage: 4.5~24V (Do not exceed max limit otherwise you will damage the unit)
Output Voltage 1.3~22V (Buck mode: The input must be greater than the output by 2V or more)
Output Current: 1.5A continuous
Output Power: Up to 15W
Ripple Frequency: Approx 150Khz
Ripple Peak: Approx 100mV
Static Power Consumption: Approx 20mA
Dimensions: 62 x 26 x 14mm

Note: A User Manual is available under the "Files" tab.

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