SCRATCH/DENT F8F Bearcat Fighter Balsa EP-GP 2020mm (79.5") (ARF)

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SCRATCH/DENT F8F Bearcat Fighter Balsa EP-GP 2020mm (79.5
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Item received with damaged vertical stabiliser (see picture) will be an easy fix, the pilot seat has come unbonded. Grab yourself a bargain!

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Following on from the highly successful F6F Hellcat, the US Navy F8F Bearcat was faster and more manoeuvrable than its predecessor. The first deliveries began in May 1945, however many contracts were cancelled with the announcement of V.E. day. The plane was employed by the French in Vietnam and by 1948 over twenty Navy squadrons had been equipped with Bearcats.

Built around the powerful Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine, the airplane featured a smaller airframe and weighed only 2000 lb. The F8F Bearcat is the most powerful single-engine aircraft ever built. Designed by Grunman, the plane outperformed other fighter planes in regards to speed, take off time, climbing time and combat manoeuvrability.

This detailed radio-controlled model is almost ready to fly (ARF). Choose between a gas or electric motor to propel the lightweight frame made of balsa and plywood. The two piece 2020mm wings are connected by an aluminium spar and can be detached for easy transport.

All control surfaces are pre-hinged and installed on the F8F Bearcat. The hobby plane features fibreglass cowling, electronic retracts and struts, and a large scale hatch to allow you to easily change the battery out. Complete the weathered detailing by adding the decals and taking to the skies.

• Almost Ready to Fly - Complete final assembly, install your choice of electronics and power system
• Made of lightweight balsa and plywood
• Choose between a gas or electric motor.
• Detachable wings for easy transport.
• Electronic retracts and struts
• Large scale battery-hatch for easy access
• Functional Ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle, flap, retractable landing gear

Wingspan: 2020mm
Length: 1540mm
RTF Weight: 7.1kg

Radio: Minimum 8-9 channels
Servos: Rudder/Elevator (41mm); Gear Doors (41x20x25); Aileron (41mm); Flaps (40mm)
Gas Engine: 4T 40cc / 2T 30cc
Propellor: 20x10 or 17x8
Extension cord for aileron servos: 80cm x2
Extension cord for flap servos: 50cm x 2
Extension cord for retract servos: 50cm x 2
Extension cord for Rx battery pack: 30cm
Extension cord for gear door servo: 30cm

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