Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer White (40ml)

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Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer White (40ml) Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer White (40ml) HobbyKing In Stock $4.42
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Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer is perfect for smoothing over small scratches and other imperfections using either a brush or airbrush. For airbrushing thin the surface primer with Tamiya's "Lacquer Thinner" which is available seperately (see Related Items). This is a very versatile product and the white color will not interfere with light colored paints.

For airbrushing thin the primer enough so that the mixture is a similar consistency to that of milk, do not over thin otherwise the finish will look opaque and will run more readily. Approximately 30% is a good starting point for spraying, experiment on a test piece first.

• Perfect for covering scratches and other imperfections
• Perfect for airbrushing when thinned with Tamiya Lacquer Thinners
• White color which will not interfere with light colored paints

Volume: 40ml
Type: Liquid Surface Primer (White)

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