TrackStar 1/10 Scale Touring Car Set-up System

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TrackStar 1/10 Scale Touring Car Set-up System
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Precision counts when it comes to car setups and for optimal performance chassis geometry needs to be tuned beyond the basic, out-of-the-box setup.
Driver preference, consistent handling, and track layout all contribute to overall performance. Simply eye-balling your setup may work for out in front of the house speed runs, but when you go racing, whether it is for the national title or local bragging rights you want your car set up properly.

The TrackStar 1/10 Scale Touring Car Set-up System is designed to take all of the guesswork out of your setup to allow you to set your car up to perfectly match the conditions.

This is a complete car setup system and is designed to check the whole chassis simultaneously.

All components are made from machined aluminum and use ball bearing for support where needed to give you precise and consistent measurements every time and by taking all of the measurements at once, you get the big picture of how your setup looks.


• Simultaneously check Caster, Camber, and Toe-in for the entire chassis
• 4 different wheel hub height position can be selected
• Precision CNC machined aluminum parts with anodised crinkle finish
• Laser etched degree marks
• CNC machined aluminum Toe/Steering plate
• Ball bearing supported
• For 1/10th scale touring chassis with 4mm axles
• Zipper enclosed carrying case included for storage and protection

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